Deans and Directors of Creative Arts

2015 DDCA Annual Conference

About The Conference

Location: Flinders University, Adelaide. 
Dates:  23 September 2015. 
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DDCA’s 2015 conference included discussion on cultural values; on disciplinary innovation in music at three universities; and strategic directions to improve creative arts connections with research peer review, HERDC performance; the teaching-research and graduate destination data collection.  As part of the conference round up, the board produced a ‘Communique’ which reflected the common perspectives resulting from the conference and suggested future initiatives that would improve the position of creative arts in higher education.

Conference Summary

The DDCA Board provided a conference communiqué to summarise discussions and suggest future  initiatives that could be undertaken by DDCA and/ or members to support an improved position for creative arts.

Read the DDCA Annual Conference 2015 Comuniqué


Speaker Information, Papers And Presentations 


Prof. Julian Meyrick (Flinders) and Prof. Justin O’Connor (Monash)  delivered the Keynote presentation on Cultural Value,  in a Q & A interview format. This wide ranging discussion considered the relationship between culture and value from a philosophical and political perspective and Preparatory notes for talk by Prof Julian Meyrick are available here.

Case Studies:

Prof. Paul Draper (Griffith), A/Prof Rob Burke (Monash) and A/Prof Cat Hope (ECU) presented a case study in artistic research in music, which included reports on two recent symposia hosted by the Queensland Conservatorium and the Sir Zelman Cowan School of Music. They presented a diversity of issues emerging about artistic research in music including methodological issues,  Higher Degree Students, new music as a research team; the use of a Jazz Reference group and how artistic research is captured in a university research reward system. 

Professor Paul Draper

Griffith University: The Artistic Research in Music Symposium held at Queensland Conservatorium in June 2015 (PDF Document).


Associate Professor Robert Burke

Monash University: Symposium: Perspectives of Artistic Research in Music held at Monash University in July 2015 ( PowerPoint Presentation)


Associate Professor Cat Hope

Edith Cowan University: Case studies in music: Decibel New Music as a research team and ECU’s ‘ASPIRE’ system for research rewards (PDF Document)


The Road Ahead:

Prof Su Baker (DDCA President), Dr Tim Cahill (Research Strategy Consultant to the ARC) and Dr Jenny Wilson (DDCA Research Officer) lead discussion on The Road Ahead which covered topics such as Strategies for Peer Review of Research  Evaluation, HERDC Review, the Teaching/Research Nexus and Graduate Destination Survey Mechanisms.  As part of this discussion, Jenny reported on DDCA’s recent submissions to the ACOLA Review of Australia’s Research Training System and the Commonwealth Government review of research policy and funding arrangements.  A copy of this presentation is available below.

Dr Jenny Wilson

Report to DDCA on Recent Submissions to Government Reviews  (PowerPoint Presentation).